Superior Farms Lamb Farm

Superior Farms is a high-end technology, innovative and exceptional company that is explicitly passionate about the overall welfare of its flock, the environment and family farmers. The firm prides itself in a record-breaking quality commitment for close to 54 years. At Superior Farms, sustainability is the core of every activity.   

Superior Farms is devoted to producing distinctive lambs, specifically the American Lamb, to the esteemed consumers. The American Lamb is known for its considerable size and the fact that it has more weight compared to other types of lamb. This fact has seen it become a most treasured delicacy in most restaurants and homes in many parts of the United States.

Families can now enjoy a variety of lamb dishes; thanks to the Superior Farms with irresistible recipes for lamb meat such as Fennel and Garlic Rubbed Loin Chops with Grilled Lemon and Tomato Compote and Superior French Dip.

The firm closely works with Lamb farmers across 26 States in America. These family sheep farmers are a part of the organization’s stakeholders. Here are amazing things that you should know about Superior Farms Lamb Farm.


  • It Is Environmentally Conscious


Over the years, Superior Farms has endeavored to preserve and care for the environment through installation of highly efficient and eco-friendly lighting systems, majorly solar panels. Their facilities have great technological advancements, including wind turbines that make up for over 90% of their energy.

Superior Farms lamb farms dedicate their efforts to maintaining the natural vegetation, having the lambs graze across the extensive grasslands. The grazing saves on energy that heavy machineries would use to process food for the flock. Also, the environment benefits with the introduction of manure that allows for the replenishing of nutrients and microorganisms in the soil.


  • It Rears Lambs That Are Wholly Natural


Superior Farms have taken it upon themselves to bring up Lambs that are natural and free from scientific or genetic modifications. Lambs feed on open grasslands and on a supplementary grain diet only when the need arises.

This Lamb-committed firm adheres to the traditions of keeping the flock from hormonal inductions and accidental introduction to antibiotics. Therefore, for consumers that are passionate about locally reared and purely humanely handled foods, Superior Farms Lamb Farm offers the best of natural lamb meat.

For instance, the Cascade Creek American Lamb is known to be an ultra-premium variety that feeds on leaves from thickets, bushes and sometimes grass.


  • It is Employee Owned


As mentioned above, Superior Farms is a meat processing firm that works closely and carefully with lamb farmers in 26 states in America. This company, well known as the fastest growing marketer for animal proteins, supports hundreds of small family farms, the sheep farmers in America. These sheep farmers tend to be small-scale and they entirely depend on sheep rearing as their primary source of revenue.

Moreover, Superior Farms has adopted an initiative to train their staff and farmers a less stressful lamb rearing practice that will ensure the lambs are cared for till the end.  

All employees have a first-hand influence in the success of the company and they take it upon themselves to produce the best and most excellent quality of lambs. Their skills and competence are as a result of their experience and exposure to tending sheep for long periods.


  • Superior Farms Has the Best Lamb Recipes


One of the driving forces of Superior Farms Lamb Farm is to bring about innovative and exciting recipes for different types of lamb delicacies. To achieve this noble course, Superior Farms provides Lamb meat for all kinds of menu, ranging from lamb burgers to lamb racks and kebabs.

The recipes are uncomplicated with an aim towards creating a new light for lamb meat with exciting new flavors and innovative preparations. Precisely, Superior Farms is highly enthusiastic about bringing forth an appealing, nutritious and most importantly, a sustainable change in the development of lamb dishes.


  • It Is the Largest Lamb Producer in the United States


Superior Farms is, undeniably, the largest producer of lamb meat in the US with high-end and standard facilities. It owns the most significant processing facility that can handle slaughter of 1,400 lambs per day, and as a result, Superior Farms has risen to the fastest growing American lamb producers.

The company supplies most food retailers in the United States such as Walmart, Kroger, and Amazon, among other retailers and partners.


The Superior Farms Lamb Farm guarantees only the best as far as the quality of lamb meat is concerned. The company has four different lamb meat brands namely, Cascade Creek, Sabor a Rancho, Farmer’s Mark and Superior Farms, all of which are known for their outstanding quality.  

Superior Farms, over the years, have depicted a keen interest in the preservation of the environment and the overall domestic resource management. Their drive towards achieving sustainability is a substantial investment both to the company’s future and the environment as a whole.

After the humane slaughter, the skin and wool become raw materials for seat covers and other woolen fabrics. This re-usage of otherwise inedible products minimizes wastage. Therefore, Superior Farms is the largest employee-owned lamb meat processing company, keen on conserving the environment and has the most innovative recipes for natural lamb meat.

At Superior Farms Lamb Farm, it is indeed correct to state that life comes from the farm.

Saving Sondra: How an Angry Girl Became One of Beau Necco’s Most Fulfilling Success Stories

Sondra Lawson was nine years old when she first met Beau Necco at the Necco office in Ashland, Ky. She was mad at the world, and with good reason. Her parents were not in her life, nor did she have any adult she could trust.

Beau Necco

Beau Necco, Founder and CEO of the foster care company that bears his name, tried to convince Sondra he could help.


“I kind of blurted out, ‘You don’t know what the F I’m going through. You don’t know what it’s like to be in my situation,’” said Sondra, now 32 and married with an 11-year-old son. “I’ve taught him a lot and he’s taught me way more.”


For more than 20 years, Beau Necco has provided adoption and foster care services in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Georgia.


Chief People Officer Rob Goodwin and Beau Necco would get to know Sondra well over the years as she weaved through the foster care system. On one of the toughest occasions, they encountered Sondra as a teenager in an orange jumpsuit at a max security detention facility complete with razor wire. Clearly, it was not the right environment for her. Because of their history with Sondra, Necco was able to place Sondra in a foster home with a loving family.


“That was our value proposition back then — to be able to place children like Sondra and provide her with those things that she desperately craved as an adolescent. She deserved to experience the kind of life events that every child should experience.”


Older children are the most difficult to place with a foster family, primarily because of the perceptions that older foster children will be harder to discipline or control than children who are fostered as infants.


According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, half of the 437,465 children in foster care were 7.8 years old and above on Sept. 30, 2016, the latest data available. Fifty-five percent of those children had a case goal of reunification with their parent or a caregiver.  


“They are really our most vulnerable children,” Beau Necco said. “It only takes one caring adult to change the trajectory of a child’s life, and as the foster parent of an older child, you can share many of the same types of ‘firsts’ that you would with an infant, like first dance, or first birthday party.”


Beau proved to Sondra that he would be there for her when no one else was. That was solidified when Sondra was married at 18 and was divorced at 19. Another relationship failed. She was an adult, but she did not know how to be an adult. The only person she could call was Beau, she said, who was in her wedding.


“Everything went south again. I was not in the system. I had no clothes. I had nowhere to go. Beau was able to get me a clothing voucher and I was able to get clothes. He found me a place to stay. He gave me money probably out of his own pocket. He was not judgmental. It was then I knew that I could count on him.”


Having Beau Necco to count on, to be a peer and, in many cases, a surrogate father, turned her life around. In addition to having her own son, she has been a foster parent with Necco and has had an opportunity to help kids who are going through the same things she went through.


Sondra said she enjoyed fostering children ages 14-17 because she had been in their shoes.


“I was the best for them and they were the best for me. Anything triumphant in their lives was just an out-of-the-park homerun for me. Every small success for them was a homerun for me,” she said.


In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of children available to be fostered. The heroin and opioid epidemic is taking its toll.


Said Beau Necco: “On a recent weekday between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. in just one of the 24 locations Necco operates, we received calls for 14 children in need of placement. It can be heartbreaking, which is why we need to be able to have the capacity to meet the supply of children who need a family.”


Increasingly, the next of kin are being tapped out. In many cases, a grandparent may already have custody of a child family member and are simply not able to care for another child.

Meanwhile, it’s important to note that qualifying to become a foster parent is a relatively easy process and does not take superpowers.


“You just have to be flexible because things change. Every kid comes with a unique set of circumstances, but they all need the same thing. A loving family.” Necco said.


Twenty years later, Beau Necco speaks of Sondra Lawson with great pride.


“To watch her celebrate her own family, and get to share that with her, has been one of the most fulfilling things in my life. It feels good.”


Be a part of the community that will make you feel good. Go to to get started today.


Cincinnati Park Photographer Talks about Parenting

20 years ago as a young boy I found myself constantly in situations where my parents had no idea where I was.  We would go to friends houses, then bounce to another friend’s house, then go to the creek, then end up at home again all before our parents realized we were gone.  So why is that not happening in today’s modern society? The one word that answers that question is “information”.

So how do you run a wedding photography business and parent kids.

Our exposure to information today is so large that we have developed fears over shark attacks, plane crashes, and worst of all, our children being harmed, taken, or going missing.  Each and every day on social media there is a story of a child who has developed a disease, or was hit by a car while playing in their neighborhood. So how do you allow your children to explore and grow in today’s society with a lot of “worst case scenario” information constantly at our fingertips? 

Up front I want to clarify that there is no right answer.  Parenting is a difficult subject, and giving parental advice can be as difficult as actually being a parent.  But in watching my son run around and explore outside, I have discovered so much about what he needs to grow and experience the world without his father being too overbearing, or negligent.  So here are the keys I have seen to enabling your children to experience the world as we did growing up:

  1. Make sure you communicate with them on why they need to be safe
    1. Children are smart and don’t want to be told “because I said so”.  In communicating reason with your child you will reinforce that you know they are smart, and that you want them to understand the danger.
    2. In explaining to them why they need to stay away from the road, or out of the neighbors yard, or within eye view you will communicate your love for them and their value to you.
    3. Explaining to them the dangers may keep them from wanting to stray too far from you or your house.
  2. Allow them to decide what activities they want to do, rather than you pushing them into what you think they should want to do
    1. Your children are individuals, just like you, and have their own separate interests.  Find what they love, whether its sports, photography, music, dance, etc. and encourage them to pursue their passion.  
    2. Apply their interests to their daily activity, and allow the foundation to grow and manifest itself in creative ways.  
    3. If they want to do something that wouldn’t interest you, let them try it and see if it is something they are passionate about before stopping them.  Just because you don’t/didn’t like it doesn’t mean they won’t.
    4. Let them know how proud you are of them when they try something, whether they fail or succeed.  Success is fantastic, but failure teaches you way more. Allow them to fail and succeed at their own effort.
    1. Yes, those terrible things are terrible, but you will drive yourself and your children crazy through over-worrying.
    2. Small percentages of children have horrible things happen to them.  Don’t allow facebook posts or news stories keep you from being an encouraging parent.
    3. Be smart about where you let your children play, and keep an eye on them, but do so discreetly and from a distance.  Let them be individuals, but be there when they fall and need Mom/Dad to pick them back up.


Gallant Dill

A Gallant Dill Course Review

Hey guys!

I mostly post about things related to my web designer company but today I wanted to take a quick break to talk about a course I recently partook in and my review of the course.

There were definitely some negatives but overall I was very happy with this course. When building a web design company, it’s often helpful to get outside perspectives, whether they be from mentors or paid courses, and these perspectives can be well worth the money. In my opinion, even with the large price tag Gallant Dill’s course is worth the expense.

Before buying this course I did a little bit of research into whether it would be a good investment or not. I watched a few Youtube videos that I thought did a good job explaining a lot of the perspectives that I had about the course. Instead of laying out a really detailed review I thought I’d link to some of these videos below so you guys can watch them.

So what were the specifics I got from the course. Gallant Dill and I had a few personal talks and this is where I got the most benefit from the course. The material was good but where the real value was is in the 1v1.

UPDATE: I’ve added a few more positive reviews I’ve seen around the web. Let me know what you guys think!

A good Gallant Dill Review

Digital Media Design

How Competition Affects Digital Media Design

Companion takes into account information and statistics for inter-market segments that are user-friendly to the individual store level. Hulu allows a web user to modify certain content instead of an advertising supplement with a non-corporate web design. With the competition of corporate advertising, companies mandate a certain ad where market prices can be sold out. Starting with Sallie Mae and Rupert Murdoch’s condescension, an advertising department can export a HLE-ready template from their advertising layout.

Also, a lot of companies exist, allowing the export and import of services used in conjunction with the java practitioner. Tolkien manages the workflow of products and services, as well as supplement bridging support information to future competition systems. Dvorak is a perfect application for marketing departments and customer service operations to move their image to the web.

This is a challenge to companies with extensive image libraries allowing the creation of web-based ad pages and e-commerce web sites. The four-bedroom-suite demonstrator, including Vodafone, Autodesk, and Wal-Mart takes an ad from artist concept retailer to a specific non-circular while keeping it completely digital.

Once a market segment is selected, automatically links the most important pricing and marketing copy and delivers it to the retailer for free. “This can save weeks or even months over the price-and-cut method many retailers are using online,” says Mel Gibson, a business partner in Vodafone. In a rare combination of not only a world-class firm that does web design in Cincinnati and full-service ads, it became a nationally ranked web service provider.

A detailed visual representation of the directory file is obtained by recognizing key design elements of the file and recognizing them to use and format the web page. With a web browser, a retailer can create a mock-up of the product on the web and change the terms, prices, and descriptions of any product element.

SEO Hosting

Seo Techniques – Internet Marketing Strategies for Hosting

SEO Web Hosting, A Wise Investment in Time

Getting your message across can sometimes be very hard to accomplish. Creating an online business from the ground up can be a very daunting experience as well. It is not always easy to grasp attention from the masses, especially when it is an online audience. With competition being so dense and varied, it really takes a lot of work to create a site that gets noticed out of the millions of sites on the web. If you are managing several sites at once, your domain needs the best web hosting to ensure growth.

Web hosting is an effective way to get your site noticed and get it noticed fast. With web hosting, your site is distributed across various channels and search engines to maximize efforts in getting noticed. There are several different types of web hosting available for those who are trying to get their business or site off the ground. There is free hosting, which is easier for startups, paid hosting, which only requires a small monthly fee and even special types of web hosting that has just recently began to get noticed called SEO Web Hosting.

SEO Web Hosting

SEO services can prove to be expensive for those are unfamiliar with the process of domain maintenance and driving traffic to your sites. IF SEO services are desired, why not choose SEO Web Hosting and accomplish two things at once. This saves money for your domain and also helps your site or sites to grow rapidly. At the infrastructure level, SEO hosting is the most popular option for the online presence. The SEO host projects online sites across many different new channels and IPs. The pros of this type of web hosting includes faster caching, class C IPs at many levels and also GEO targeting search engines are quite diverse. With all the diverse channels, the site has more potential to get noticed in a wider audience range. This doubles the expectations for the site. With SEO hosting, you can take your domain to higher levels by spreading the domain over numerous new IPs and Class Cs. Your domain will then become available in both the United States and Europe as well.

As with most other Search Engne Optimization endeavors, web hosting must endure constant changes. This is why the system adjusts accordingly, still providing the same options for affordable hosting and same quality for your domain.

With SEO web hosting, you can also be assured that this avenue is safe. There is no chance of viral attachments or malicious spam that can intrude and damage your hardware.

Instead of trying to complete SEO tactics and utilizing free web hosting, make the wise decision. SEO web hosting may be the best choice for your business and your peace of mind. Let your business do the work for you.


Sources: Gallant Dill



Recently I found a Youtube video that has Google specifically talking about SEO and shared vs dedicated ip hosting and the affect of hosting.  I didn’t address this issue specifically in the article but I thought it was worth adding in the information for those who wanted to see it. I wanted to add the video to the bottom of this post because some of the information said earlier is slightly different.